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Marriage is extremely pious and sacred where two individual souls start a journey of life together. It’s an important decision in everybody’s life.


As per Vedic astrology, the star positions of the bride and the groom influence each other and decide their destiny and future. So, it’s essential to analyze the star compatibility and kundli matching before marriage so as to enjoy a happy and balanced married life.

Our Astrokund expert’s matchmaking analysis will do everything in order to avoid a bad horoscope.


How Astrokund’s matchmaking analyses help you?


For a proper matchmaking, it is essential to analyze the placement of Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Sun in both the horoscopes. Because Mars represent aggression, short-temperedness, and leads to a disturbed married life. Sun is known for egoism, separation and tendency of dominance. Venus is for romance, love, emotions, and sexual life. The placement of these planets determines the success of married life.

If you are already married or planning to get married, our experts’ report foretell the likely fructifications and make a relationship compatibility profile. Our systematically matched horoscope lessens the probabilities of separation, divorce, or premature death of a partner.


How horoscope matching is different from Guna Milan?


Guna Milan is based on moon’s position and eight-fold analysis to see the mental match compatibility of the prospective couple. The horoscope matching assesses the nine planetary positions and placement of lords in certain houses. The planetary positions in navmamsa chart and ongoing dasha-bhuktis are also considered to match the pattern of both the horoscopes.


Thus, it is recommended to match planetary positions and not depend on guna Milan or the mangal dosha only. Our experts help you in your quest to have the best life-partner.


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