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Love Horoscope Readings is a complete science and works on certain astrological formulas. It is known that the 5th house from ascendant stands for love; moon is the planet of emotions, and Venus is the signifactor of love and romance. Our Astrokund’s experts analyze the strength of the house, placement, association of the venus, ongoing dasha-bhukti and astrology transit.


Our Love horoscope predicts when you will find your love, soul mate and how would be your romantic relationship. Apart from astrological readings, you will be given astrological solutions to overcome any of the possible problems in the relationship.


Love plays an important role in person’s life irrespective of caste, creed, education, or the financial status. Everybody wish to have a dream price or the princess and make their life happier. Our astrology report helps you to clear the queries in regards of love.


Our report helps you to clarify these queries:


• Time frame love predictions

• Will I attain success in finding the soul mate?

• How would be my love life as per the horoscope?

• Will my soul mate understand me completely?

• Will my affair create scandal or defame in the society?

• Will I get complete predictions about the love life?

• Looking for  astrological compatibility and romantic love horoscope forecasts


 In addition to above questions, you may ask any specific questions related to your love.


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