Horary Astrology

Predict your future accurately with the time of query


Are you not certain about your birth time?

Is your birth date not available, misreported or forgotten?


There’s nothing to panic! We use horary charts (Prashna) for you!

Just provide us the details of the date, month, year and time you are asking the question


Astrokund experts solve the problems and anxieties of the queries with Prashna/ Horary chart depicting the role of birth chart at its best.


Know about Horary Astrology


It is the branch of astrology, where a question is answered by studying the astrological charts set for the time and place of asking the question. The origin of Prashna Shastra is ancient. It is believed that the Lord Brahma, the creator of the Universe approached Lord Vishnu, the operator of the Universe and learnt Prashna to solve the anxieties pertaining to the immediate future.


Our Astrokund’s experts make predictions for your questions by judging the horoscope for the moment the question is asked.


Get amazing results with Prashna for your queries like:


• Know the well-being, alive or dead condition of the missing person, whether the person is in captivity,

and his chances of release or present state.


• The likelihood of recovery, appropriateness of medicine, whether the diagnosis is correct in case of illness.

• Know your progeny by knowing the sex of the child.


• Know the prospects and auspiciousness of marriage. Know whether you get the girl of your choice.


• And get answers for your innumerable queries.


You may talk to our Astrologer on Saturday and Sunday during scheduled time-slot with prior appointment.



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