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A person may encounter intricacies in deriving the benefits of a weak planet and/or suffer from lack of confidence or may have any other weaknesses. It is suggested that this could be overcome by analyzing the strength/weakness of the planets and thereby use of related gem stone of appropriate weight. The gem stones are the remedial solution which increases the strength of the benefic planets and decrease the strength of the malefic planets.


Our Astrokund’s experts are capable of analyze the horoscope, diagnose the weakness of the planets, study the planet placements, and suggest the suitable stone to advance your family, career, love and married life. The stones would help to clear the hurdles in each aspect of one’s life. Further, we suggest the gems to be worn either in the form of a ring, locket, or the pendant.


One must be cautious enough to know that the gemstone worn without proper guidance may cause a sudden death of the person or someone in the family, loss in business, wealth, health problems, defame in society, lack of peace or concentration and other unpleasant things. It has to be understood that the gem stone should not be worn on the basis of sun/moon sign or ascendant alone.


Either way, nothing to worry, we help you take the right decisions so as to remove the obstacles of life by recommending you with the appropriate stone with reference to the planet positions in the horoscope.


Our suggestions include


• Thorough analysis of the natal horoscope

• Suggestion of the gem stone, its ideal weight and best suited metal

• Recommend the date and time of wearing

• Purification process with the specific mantra

• Suggestion of the best astrological remedies


You may talk to our Astrologer on Saturday and Sunday during scheduled time-slot with prior appointment.


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