Astrology for Foreign Travel

Cherish Your Dreams of Travel Abroad


Traveling abroad is one of the cherished dreams for many people. People visit foreign nations to fulfil their sole purposes like the vacations, business trip, higher education, immigration, and so forth. The expansion of the transportation and communication has made more people to get inclined towards foreign travel. Whatever the reason may be, the astrologer can see many things and study the position of the planets concerned with foreign travel.


If the 9th and 12th houses fall in moveable signs or the water signs, then the possibility of foreign travel for the concerned person is quite evident. Our experts’ suggest the right time to undertake the foreign travels, predict successful stay, or settlement in abroad by thoroughly studying the adequate prospects in the natal chart.


When a person decides to make a long journey, it may bring significant good or bad changes. It is learnt that as he leaves his motherland, there is every chance to lose his relationship in his own country either temporarily or permanently, and acquire a new relation in the new country. Thus, it is important to consult the astrologer for taking up this life changing event.


As per astrology, 4th house of the ascendant represent the birth place and country of the native and 9th house represents foreign country. If the 4th house is stronger, the person would prosper in his own country and if 9th house is strong, he will achieve success in foreign country.


Depending on the planetary positions, our Astrokund’s expert suggests the person to stay in the native country or make a move to the foreign country so as to lead a better life.


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