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Leading a successful career influences your life style, culture, status in the society, social life, and so forth. Taking a right decision at right time is a determining factor for your success in career. Astrokund’s experts are here to help you to take right decisions.


Do you encounter with any of these problems or have a long list of queries?


• When is the right time to look for a new job?

• When do I get an increment or promotion?

• What is the right time to make a favorable career move?

• What is the remedy for hardships and challenges I am facing?

• Am I in the right profession?

• May I start a new business?

• What is the possibility of financial crisis?


Astrologically, these professional problems and queries arise due to affliction to Lagna/Lagna Lord, 10th house/10th Lord mainly with link 6th, 8th and 12th houses. Fifth house may also bring distress in profession as it is 8th house from 10th house of profession. Dashas play an important role where finding new job, change job, promotion, salary hike, foreign traveling, deputation, humiliation, disputes with boss or litigation etc. are concerned. Thus, it is important to know the planetary alignments at the time of your birth.


Consult Astrokund’s experts and get a full-length career reports. We use ancient and authentic Indian astrology techniques to create the most accurate reports. In addition, we suggest the remedies to deal with the ups and downs, and other professional problems in your professional life.


You may talk to our Astrologer on Saturday and Sunday during scheduled time-slot with prior appointment.


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